Saturday, August 20, 2005

God Save the Britons

Here's something that I thought Dan, over at Random Thoughts of a Confessional Lutheran would be all over, but I guess maybe he didn't hear about it. In that case I must take the mantle and run with it. This falls under the category of "I kid you not." It seems that the British government (our stalwart allies in thick and thin) have decided that the English have a bit o' drinkin problem. The Brits love their suds... it has been decided that they love them too much... it seems that Englanders are serious binge drinkiers and this cause many problems. You see, pubs close at set time-- 11:30 pm, I believe, so Britons drink too much too quickly and bounce of walls on the way home. So, how are they going to combat this? Allow the pubs to stay open longer. The thought is this: if the Queen's Subjects have a longer amount of time, they will drink the same amount, but over a longer period. Because of the abreviated hours of pubs of Britannica are "forced" to drink seven, eight, nine pints of ale in just a few short hours. Now, my friends I'm a beer drinker, but if I was drinking that much that quickly (or that much period) I would be, as the next govenor of Texas Kinky Friedman would say "be bugled to Jesus."

So, to review... Britons drink too much too quickly because the pubs close too soon. Problem fix? Let the pubs stay open longer... that sounds like a jolly good policy... when's the next plane to London leave?

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Anonymous said...

I always wished that the pubs in Cambridge would stay open past 11...