Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Computer Woes...

I had enough. My computer has been doing strange things the last couple days, mainly not opening pages and then pages not repsonding. It became quite frustrating and aggrivating. So, I first took my computer to the Geek Squad in my local Best Buy and they told me that it would cast 162 bucks to give it a "diagnostic test" and that it would be about 12-15 days before I would get it back. I thought about that for a bit and decided against it.

So I then took it to another computer repair shop that we have used before and they would do it for 62 bucks and I can have it back by Friday or Saturday. I decided to go with the second offer.

I described what has been going on to the repair guy and he said it did sound like I had a virus on my computer (that didn't make me too happy).

I'm not thrilled about this whole computer virus thing, but well, what can a brother do about it. I have a virus scan and firewall on my computer, but I guess one snuck through... electronic bastard.


jillymae said...

poor loofy. get well soon 'puter =)

Ken / WA3FKG said...

Greetings from Pittsburgh. I too have grown weary of having to fight the "virus wars" so the system I'm typing this on is using the SuSe Linux operating system. I am using Thunderbird for my mail client and Firefox for my web browser. I am having a few problems with getting all of the multi media files to play correctly especially the Microsoft WMV files. Although my son tells me that he has resolved the problem on his system. I was cataloging Lutheran blogs when I ran across yours and started reading. When I have more time I will explore it in more detail. If you think making the switch to Linux would interest you let me know and I will offer any help that Ican.