Thursday, May 12, 2005

wine buying and other blues*

when a neophyte wine drinker like myself buys a bottle of wine said neophyte wine buyer doesn't want to hear this: "oh, this is a good wine. it tastes just like welsh's grape juice. careful, man, it packs a punch. whooo-wee." i don't need that. i don't drink wine to get toasted. i don't drink wine to get beshitted and befucked, i drink wine to relax and settle down. (example: right now i am drinking a glass of wine and listening to classical music). as the checkout person said this to me i wanted to look around for the candid camera. she went on to say "i save this one for myself. i just drink beer, mainly, but i like this stuff (points to the wine) it really does taste like welsh's grape juice. becareful if you drink the whole bottle." i almost put the bottle back.

speaking of buying wine. the other day i was in samsclub. i don't know about the sam's clubs in your respective areas (where ever that may be) but my sam's club has quite a collection of wines. i mean rows and rows of wines. of course, in my sam's club i can also buy these gallon bottles (at least they looked like gallon jugs) of jack daniels, jim beam and other highly intoxicating beverages.

tonight i bought two new wines that i've never tried before. the first one i bought (but haven't tried yet) is from an indiana winery (olivery winery near bloomington).
here is its label:
the other one comes from an australian winery called Little Penguin and the wine is a cabernet sauvignon.
(here is its bottle)
its not bad, but i like their shiraz and (bandwagon here, i'm sure!) merlot. it doesn't have the umph in taste and texture that the merlot and shiraz do. its not a bad wine, though. when i open the other bottle the "soft red" i'll have to make sure i have a glass of ice... what better way to have grape juice then over ice, right?

something else i need to put on the "to do list" is get myself a real wine glass. this bastardized wine glass i use which is actually a little beer glass i got from a bar a few weeks ago is just a bit too rednecky for me (not there's anything wrong with being rednecky or for that matter hillbilly-y).

oh, hell, who am i kidding. i'm eating ritz crackers with lerraine cheese on them.

oh well. so be it.

*posted on my online diary, hence the lowercases.

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Jason Maroney said...

Llano puts out a good wine and i think i remember you mentioning yellow tail. esta bien.
My wife always has a bottle of cabernet yellow tail in the fridge. she prefers her red chilled also. I can't stand it that way and I think it only encourages her to continue...