Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Relaxation is a Gift

This blog is getting a bit too serious for me. I've discovered that I only really write here when my brain is loaded with something that's why my posts tend be a bit more rambled then they might otherwise be-- I just type away and let the words fall where they may. Call it a intellectual vomiting or something along those lines, not that writing about faith or about my various thoughts on the whole God-thing would qualify as intellectual vomiting (though, I'd be willing to bet money that there might be some that might think my musings might be theological nincompoopery, but that's alright, too).

Right now I'm sitting at my computer with an unlit cigar lightly tucked into my jaw, a glass of wine (I don't have a proper wine glass, though, it is a small fluted Budweiser glass I got in a bar one night a few months back) and the radio plays some classical music. The wine I'm drinking is this:

It is described thusly by the Yellow Tail Winery's Homepage "Impressive spice, licorice and red berry aromas. This wine is perfectly balanced with silky tannins, accompanied by big, ripe fruit flavors." Or as I would say "its got a nice full taste to it. Rolls over the tongue and pallette well." I don't really know what I'm saying, but all I know is I like it.

Here is the unlit cigar I have right now:

I had my first cigar on my 18th birtday. Most guys buy a Playboy on their 18th birthday. Not me, I wasn't that cool, I bought a cigar. I've never liked cigarettes and trust me I've tried to like them, but a good cigar every now and again really makes the world seem not so bad.

The music? Well, there is something about classical music that makes me feel good and comfortable.

So, until next time. Enjoy.


rebekah said...

where you get that wine ? i want some ...

cigars AND wine ... you're so classy :D

jillymae said...

ah, yes, yellowtail is a decent merlot. and punch makes a pretty good ceegar, too. sounds like a pretty groovy evening to me =)

if you like yellowtail and punch, try ecco domani and cao ;)