Saturday, May 14, 2005

Can't Go Home Again


Relocation of Concordia University at Austin

Whereas, Concordia University at Austin’s mission is to develop Christian leaders, and

Whereas, Concordia University at Austin’s vision is to be recognized for its integrity, academic excellence and Lutheran ethos, and

Whereas, Almighty God has blessed Concordia University at Austin by nearly tripling the student enrollment since the school became a four-year institution, and

Whereas, the capacity of the current campus in areas such as parking, available classrooms and student housing will seriously constrain continued growth in student enrollment, and

Whereas, after studying expansion options for the existing 23-acre campus within the context of the university’s strategic plan, we find that we can use a location with more space in order to best accomplish our mission,

Therefore be it resolved, that after prayerful consideration, the Board of Regents notify the Board for University Education of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Synod’s Board of Directors of its intent to relocate Concordia University at Austin, and

Be it further resolved, that the Board of Regents direct the president of Concordia University at Austin to actively seek a buyer for the existing campus in line with appraised value, with final approval of the Board of Regents, and

Be it further resolved, that provisions be made for honoring the many contributions made by those who have supported Concordia, and

Be it finally resolved, that Concordia University ask all its constituents to actively pray for the success of this project.

Adopted unanimously, May 13, 2005

In taking this action the Board of Regents affirms:

1. the importance of our mission to the church and our community.

2. the need to recognize and honor the contributions of the many families who have made Concordia what it is today.

3. the need to maintain a site in Austin to support the pivotal role that the ADP and graduate programs play in the life of the university.

4. the need to select a new site for the main campus from among the many gracious offers within the Central Texas community.

5. its support of the administration in making the organizational changes necessary to accomplish this task.

6. that this will be a multi-year process.


jillymae said...

so what does all this mean, for you?

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say that biz is biz. There is a little lie in the information released. UT offered to buy the existing campus several times. Too bad that little nugget was not mentioned. A couple of places they are thinking of moving is to a location right next to texas state's new campus in Georgetown. Others are off Chandler rd in Round Rock and Giddings....Wow...I can see it now...Come to Concordia and be a beacon of light in the darkness....literally, Giddings is 30 miles from anything...wait, they have a P-Nut proccessing plant there!LOL So u could go home.

seriously, As alumni, My wife and I think it stinks that with the people who give of themselves for that school to continue, there was not even a little paragraph about it in the newsletter. even if they said to let them know of our opinions, then we are going to trash them, it would be better than just selling the traditions and history.

Just my irrational thoughts after hearing the news yesterday....