Saturday, December 18, 2004

World Gone Mad, Again

This is just... I can't think of a word other "sick." I mean, woman killing another woman and then taking her baby, let me rephrase that, doing a grissly C-section and surgically removing an almost to term baby from the dead mother's womb... what is the woman charged with... Kidnapping that resulted in death...? WHAT THE HELL! sounds like premediated murder to me. The Rev. mah-ROHN-eye Large, aka the Texas Mick (I really hope he doesn't mind me calling him that) has a great post on this. Check it out.

Reading the paper this morning was a tough thing. With that horrible story about the murdered mother on page one and a story about the choir director of Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral took his own life yesterday a few hours before a big Christmas program in a bathroom of the Crystal Cathedral. I hate suicide. I get so angry when I hear about it. I had a friend five years ago kill himself. It took me a very long to work through my anger and guilt-- I felt like I partially responsible, I won't get into that right now, maybe someother time.

I dunno, I just don't have much to write.

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