Monday, December 06, 2004

Dig this: A Little "Follow the Leader," If You Will

This morning I sat down in front of my computer and dialed up my dial-up modem and commenced to (trudge) through the internet. I checked Jason's BlogTexas Cooking and nothing's going on over there. Then I checked Bek's Antisocial Blog and found out she has selfdiagnosed herself as having Adult ADD, sure why, not. Sounds like a good time. And then I went here, to Random Thoughts of a Confessional Lutheran. He has an interesting blog, I don't read very often, but it is entertaining. I think if I read more I'd dig it even more, he seems to have a good sense of humor. But while I was toolin around in his Blog I discovered a Blogcircles link that said something about Missouri Synod Blogs. So, I clicked on a Blog in that section that sounded interesting. It really wasn't, but that's okay. When I got to THAT blog I found another link Blogcircle link that said Con U at Austin Blog Ring it is hosted by I even found a blog of someone I worked with at camp oh so many summers ago. If I read her blog right she is in St. Louis teaching and, doh, of dohs!, she sounds to be hugged up. That's all right, good for her.

Sadly, though, I have to do some preparation for the upcoming armegeddon-- err, I mean the GRE test that I have to take in two week's time.

The Colt's tore up Jacksonville yesterday. Daaa-yum. If this isn't the Colt's year then I don't know what is. I only got to see the last quarter of the Steeler game and my stomach was in my throat as I watched the Steelers march down the field and get in position for their final field goal... it was good... whew.

Okay, enough stalling. Time to mosey on outta here and start the GRE prep.... *kicks a can* phooey.

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rebekah said...

um, excuse me, but there was no self diagnosis about it. 60 minutes diagnosed me. by accident. the only reason i was watching because bob dylan had his first tv interview in 20 yrs...

the ADD thing just happened to be an added bonus.