Sunday, December 26, 2004

Mug 285

Today I did something that I have been thinking about doing for a while. I purchased a mug in Fox and Hound Mug Club. It was twenty-five bucks. The Fox and Hound is my northside watering hole. Its on the way home from work and a place for me to get a glass of suds. They serve beer three ways: bottle, 16 oz, and 23 oz glasses. I usually kick it with a 23 oz. Naturally, though, the 16 oz a bit cheaper then the 23 oz. Hence, my decision to get involved in the Mug Club.

Here's what I got for my twenty-five bucks:

-- One personalized mug (note: what that means is this: a white ceramic beer mug on which I scrawled my name with a Sharpy pen).

-- 23 oz mug of draft beer for the price of a pint (note: This is a good thing).

-- Free mug of beer on your birthday. (note: This is a good thing, too).

-- 1/2 price wings (note: this is a very good thing).

-- Lifetime membership.

My mug number is 285. I even have a little card to put in my wallet. I think that just about sums it all up.


rebekah said...

sometimes that's all you need.

a good sharpy pen will do wonders for one's posessions, i find. i've sharpied everything up.

but i know nothing about moderation. we've discussed this before.


Anonymous said...

Wow, blogger's pretty stingy. You either sign up or "post anonymously". Jeez.
Anyway, I've thought about taking the leap before. I too applaud your decision.
Happy New Year.

(quiet_writer, whatever)
SavanahB is fine and well. She says "hi".