Monday, August 18, 2008

This'll be Fun

The semester starts on Wednesday. As is my new custom, I took a walk over to the new regally named Campus Center after I finished my lunch. The place is a wash with new students. The Barnes & Noble college bookstore is making money hand over fist. It was kind of cute to see students walking about heavy laden with thick tomed textbooks in the crock of their elbow, spilling down to their knees. A mental smile bloomed across my mental lobe as I said to myself "They'll read them for the first two weeks, they're lucky and they'll end up in the corner gathering dust and then, at the end of the semester they'll try and sell them back and be sorely disappointed when they get peanuts..." Ah, college life.

We have started to get an uptick in questions dealing with logging on the computer, trying to get something printed, how to check books out of the library, etc, etc, etc.

Yes, this'll be an interesting experience. Can't hardly wait.

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