Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Workout, DWC Style

I am afraid of elipitcal workout machines. They scare me. I used one today in my one-hour "circuit" (I call it that) workout. I got on and started to peddle, I felt like I was going to fall off after about a minute and half. I got off that machine awfully quick. Even the minute was effective, though, I could feel "it" in my upper legs after I got off and tried to walk. Okay, to be fair, I started on the stationary bike and did ten minutes. Got my heartrate up to 150 and maintained. I also did some treadmill. That's actually kind of fun, in a strange way. I hit some weights, too. I use 15 lb dumbbells and do some curls and various other arm excercises. Then I walk the weights to the little Reebok Step and stepup-stepdown-stepup-stepdown for the count of 20. Walk the weights back "muscle beach" do some more curles and then hit the leg press, 20 reps, twice. Back to muscle beach, grap the weights again, do the same reps again, ten. Back to the Step, 20. Back to the leg press, 20. To the Hammerstrength machine, 10. Leg curls, 10. Leg lifts, 10. Back to the free weights. I move quickly. I take a sip and only a sip of water as I walk from one station to another. I throw in a five minute bike ride. Do my circuit, again. Weights, legs, hammerstrength, step. I throw in some medicine ball, 12 lb'er: lift, twist, throw over head, catch, lift twist throw, curl, lift, throw, twist. My Mets hat is starting to get sweaty, so am I. Back to the weights, make sure I dont get in anyones way. Back to the leg lifts, leg curls, leg press... Keeping an eye on the time... I want to leave 15 minutes for some serious treadmill action: seven minuts at 4.5 mph. Setting: hills. It feels good to get my heartrate pumping. It feels good to sweat. Just hope I can keep this up and not tail off... I guess we'll see.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Just keep reminding yourself of that last line: it feels good to sweat.