Monday, May 14, 2007


I started something today that I never done before. I started going to gym. The last few months, or so, I've been thinking that it was time to do something about getting into some kind of shape. In all honesty it started because I got hooked on the show Workout on Bravo. I'm not sure how I got involved in the show, okay, that's kind of a lie. I think it's because it came on after Project Runway (yah, I watched that show, religiously as strange as that might sound). I got drawn into Workout for some reason and started following the characters, but something else happened, I started to realize that I wasn't doing much to keep myself fit. I figure that walking for eight hours a day at work was okay, but it wasn't sustained, that is, I didn't walk for eight hours straight, it is more like short spurts.

I don't want to really gain much muscle. I just want to lose some of the weight I have. I'm just over 200 lbs. I should be about 185 or so for my body type and height and all that. So, I decided a few weeks ago to start looking into gyms and see what was out there. I first checked out Bally's Fitness Centers. I went one day on a lark. Had a grand tour and was taken to an office, sat down, and the hard-pressure sale started. I don't remember much of the pitch, but I remember the number 150 dollars to get started, do you have credit card? Yes, but not with me, thanks for you time.

So, I did some asking around and discovered Cardinal. A friend of mine works out a couple times a week and he told me that Cardinal was a pretty decent place. I checked them out online and thought they sounded alright. Last week, my parents were out and about and found near our house. They stopped in and got some information for me. Last Saturday, I stopped in and checked the place out. Its a simple, no frills place. It has your excercise bikes, elipticals (which make me laugh when I see someone on one), weight machines, and free weights.

As a graduation present, my parents offered to pay the sign-up fee, it was much cheaper than Bally's. Today I went for the first time. I had a quick tutorial on how to use the various machines and let loose. I did some biking, about a half-hour's worth and then I went and checked out some of the weight machines. I worked for about an hour or so. I don't want to jump in too fast because, with my luck, I'll hurt myself and I don't need that. My shoulders are a bit sore, but that's okay.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Excellent — as Bill & Ted would say.

I go to Bally's. Sadly, it's the cheapest place around.

And it shows. Still, gets the job done. I just wish I didn't have to stand in line!

loofrin said...

I dont have to worry about lines at all, luckily. So far, I've been able to do what I want with no problem. I'm still experimenting with the various machines and free weights.

RandomDan said...

I highly suggest getting one set of clothes for working out. Maybe you won't need them now, but there might come a point where you're exerting yourself enough that sweat-wicking clothing will be a very good idea.