Friday, October 06, 2006

an old poem for your consideration

hoppeR comes to life on a weD. night
(written on the back of a used book of checks
while waiting in my car for a pizza)


conviencE laundry

a fish bowl of

the pilgrims come
together for the ritual cleaning

the lights blinding
the room

less than sterile
the machines

spin & hum
to themselves

(like monks
at prayer)

as for those in the
fish bowl they

try their best
not to make

eye contact with
their fellow communicants

it is better
that way


a dirty man
walks up to

my car after
a moment’s hesitation

& asks for some change

.75 cents
is all

i have
i hand

it over

he puts
the change

in his pocket
&moves on


in the fish
bowl a student

reads a paper
covered book

his back towards
me & his

head down

looking for

grasping for it
& not knowing

if he has found it
or not


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes. You are so back.

loofrin said...

I appreciate that, really I do, but I wrote that six or seven years ago when I was still in college.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter, man. Compare to the stuff you've posted more recently. All good.