Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I find myself in the basement of the library, again. It just as bright as it was the last time I was here and that's a good thing. Really, it is. This is Tuesday, I think, today is my day off from work. So, I came to campus to get some school work done. I am in the basement because it is quiet here, its a nice big study room, there are ten other here, that I can see (two more just strolled in and sat down, both were knit ski caps).

I have Miles Davis on my Ipod. I listen to Miles alot. He seems to make things okay. A nice rythm to life. In this case it is Kind of Blue that is blowin into my ears via my earbuds.

Last night I had an IM conversation with Brandon. I should always brace myself when his salutation is "Hey man" instead of "Hey karl," or "Hey Pnut." The "Hey man" is usually a harbinger of bad news. This was no exception. It is my opinion that Brandon has the most incredible tests in his early ministry. God has certain given him some big things to tackle. He lives in a suburb of Nawlins. His church was severely damaged in Katrina. Last night he told me one of his elders had commited suicide that weekend.

I have homework that needs to be finished.



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