Friday, February 24, 2006

Wonderin Before Wanderin

I have to wonder about myself sometimes. I am going away for the weekend; I am going to a town in Illinois, right on the border of Iowa to attend a pastorfriendofthefamily's installation. I'll be gone tomorrow (Saturday), Sunday, and come home Monday. Its not a big trip, but its enough that I have pack a few changes of clothes and think ahead as to what I may encounter weather-wise, etc. And yet, I put more thought into the books and cds I'm taking with me than what I am going to wear.

The books: Team of Rivals (just started), Searching for God Knows What (almost finished), and Through Painted Deserts (might as well read this I'm in the process of reading all of Donald Miller's stuff-- who know, a review may end up on the Luther Library).

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