Monday, February 27, 2006

Where I Went This Weekend

This weekend my family and I went to Moline, Illinois. We went because a pastor friend of ours was installed as the pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church. It was a nice service and very pretty church, they a very bright stained glass window of a cross above the altar. I had to laugh though, at one point towards the end of the service as other pastors gathered around to give their repsetive blessings upon Rev. Karsten. The phrase "jump in," "blood in blood out" came to mind. It looked like they were getting ready to beat him up as they stood in a semi-circle around him.

Moline, as a city, though did leave something to be desired. It wasn't what I would call a happening town, it looked like it might of been at one time, but not so much any more. We drove over to Davenport< Iowa Sunday morning and drove around there, too. Again, not much happening over there. We even went into one of the casinoes and checked it out. We left after about 20 minutes. It smokey and I didn't have a clue as to how to play any of the games (though I did win four dollars on a slot machine, but I haven't the foggiest how I did that). There was something else that was a bit disconcerting about the whole affair. As I walked around the place I saw all these people punching buttons on the slot machines, they reminded me alot of Skinner pigeons trying to get the food pellet. It was really uncomfortable. After we left we smelled like we'd been in a cigarette factory.

We drove home last night after the installation. It was late when we got home, but I'll tell you, it felt good being in my own bed. I slept like a rock.

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