Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Faith Through a Cat

Those of you have been reading this blog for any amount of time know that I write alot about faith, mine in particular. I write about faith because that is something I can connect to. I can hang my hat on that, if you will. I've been in my library most of the day working on various assignments I have for my classes on friday and I have found myself looking out the windows a often watching the world go by, but before I started my studying I took my fifteen minutes for Bible reading. I am currentl working my way through Luke (my favorte Gospel), again.

I was reading chapter 8 and this verse struck me: "'Where is your faith?' he asked his disciples." (v. 25). This verse come from the section regarding the storm that Jesus calmed. I was struck by the verse because that question can be and probably should be asked of me often, daily if necessary. Where is my faith? That is quite a question! I can point to my heart and my head, that is where my faith is, but I can also point to the Bible itself. I can point to my parents and I can point to my church, but I can also point to the tree outside the window and the sky above. And I can say that my faith surrounds me. I take great peace and comfort from the fact that I can see God's grace and love all around me.

I can see God's creation. I can touch it and smell it; I can even taste it if I want to-- I get a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction from this, Genesis 1 is there for me to see. I have heard alot about the debate between "creationism" and "evolution" and to me there isn't much of a debate. I just can't accept the theor of evolution because it doesn't make sense. Rev. Steigemeyer over at Burr in the Burgh wrote about his cat recently. I, too, have a cat. A little, grey, long haired cat named Woody. I noticed something one day: his eyes are in the front of his head. Then I noticed something else: his lungs are in the middle and his stomach below them. He has intestines, a heart, and a tongue. In short he has all the same part (minus the testes) that I do and they are all in the same basic place that mine are, and that all happened by accident? The feline was birthed from the primordeal soup, too? Huh? I really couldn't grasp the evolution argument. I tried, I really did, but it just didn't make sense.

So, I have faith in something I can't see (Heb 11) and it is on that faith that I stand firm (Is. 7:9b). And it through that faith that I have salvation and will have eternal life (John 3:16-19). My faith in God and His son was strengthen immeasurably that day and for that I am truly thankful.

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jillymae said...

i love your logic and pov.

some days it just reminds me i think TOO much. the truth is right in front of our faces most of the time. we just need to pay attention.