Friday, June 03, 2005

A New World... DSL

Well, I now have DSL internet service. Its cool, but it does have some drawbacks. The biggest is that I have to rebookmark fave sites and such, but I also have a new email address ( But the biggest one is this, believe it or not, I think I'll miss AOL. I've been on AOL for so long that I really miss the screen and the way they had the news set up on the sign on screen. I'm having a few other problems with the DSL thing, too. I keep getting an error message when I sign out of it. There is an error with the Internet Explorer or something. But it is fun to zoom from one place to another so quickly, download times are a snap and movies aren't a problem any more.

Its pretty cool all in all.

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jillymae said...

yay for high speed internet! it is a very groovy thing. =)