Friday, November 12, 2004

a poem not a poem

(for R.M. because she is more a writer than me)

i don’t think your writing is finished. i've hit a dry spell myself, but i've
been reading a lot more lately so i expect the muse to hit anytime now. it
better get going soon,

because i'm feeling stagnant... you'd better keep writing K. or i'll
kick your ass.
-- part of an email sent to me from a friend named ‘Bek

part i

writing a poem

is useless—

the only images i
have in

my head are of

shiny hospital
linoleum floors

i hear the soft murmured beeping
heart monitors(this does
give some comfort,
though)& i watch

the green
line bounce from
valley to peak

doctors speak
in quick jargon

filled medical
phrases while

i look from knowing
face to knowing face


for an englisH i
can understand
my nerves fire
my stomach clenches

my head has a dull throb (over
the left eye, where it hurts the
most)i’ll pop
before long—

part ii

these images
(backing up like
ironic rush hour

traffic)are not images
one should put in

a poem

1 comment:

rebekah said...

except you know what? they can be the perfect images to put in poems if you're quite masochistic. we all know i am.

i like this poem by simone muench. this is what i mean:

Viewing rain from a hospital bed
After levertov

Something sidles
Up to me in the dark, i

Taste it; this disease
I can’t speak

I listen to rain, tangled
Branches, scar on my chest

It shoots. You
Lick it.

How is it? Don’t go
Where you don’t belong

It’s how you hear it –
Scar emblem of chance

Unnameable odor
Pearling out of it

And over you
Stifling in your bed

But what if
Like an axolotl its

Quickness I visit
And slip coiling into light?

Not scar, not
That voice

Of ache and tomorrow; or bone
Crack for having moved too fast.

What if held beneath the sea
It turned a beautiful

Blue, an unpenetrable
Blue? Could all that liquid

Be the source of fall?
Here beneath flesh: is an i

With diamond bones, some
Split in rot, others

Rain sparks, sage
Blooming additions. Here it ends –

Could I erase
In lampblack rain,

The moon flickering? "

s'not quite as good as yours though :) i'm glad you couldfind something to jump start a poem in my dinky emails...