Sunday, November 21, 2004

Drought of Sorts

I spent six long years in Texas. I lived in Houston, which I really didn't like. It was too hot, too many people and well it was Houston. Actually, I lived in the Houston city limits, but I was 35 miles north of the center of Houston proper. I went to school in Austin-- a nice little school I like to call Con-You. It was a great school and I met a lot of cool people, one of which was Jason Mah-RONE-eye whose blog I found by accident a few weeks ago. Con-you is the place I discovered God. And the place I discovered the nectar of the Gods-- beer, this beer in particular: Shiner Bock

I drank alot of beer while I was at Con-you. Too much probably, but if you lived in the dorm I lived in what I just said was enough to get you ex-communicated: there was never too much beer, just never enough. Sadly, though, I can't get the beer I drank there here in Indy. I'd have to go to Kentucky to get it and I don't feel like driving down there. I discovered this beer and can't get it in Indy either. And that's too bad.

So I make due. About once a week and if I have some extra cash I'll go get some wings and a beer or three. Now my beer of choice is either Killians Red or Amber Boch, whichever is on special. Lately, though I have been jonesin for a Lone Star Tallboy right out of the ice cooler and plate filled with brisquet, sausage, ribs, a big fat roll, and a couple sides of cole slaw and tater salad. That hankerin might make it enough for me to scrounge some kiz-ash and find a way to get down to Texas. Maybe


rebekah said...

WOO HOO! Beer!

i'm a shiner bock fan myself. when everything else has been emptied and i'm forced to drink beer...

nice talking to you today, by the way :)

Jason Maroney said...

why is it K that when you started writing about me (thanks for the link btw) that your thoughts turned to beer? purely coincidence i'm sure. strangely enough there was a lone star tally in my hands when i read this first. took me awhile to make the connection of "hey...k's random thought process went from me to beer in 2.5 seconds" which happens to be the amount of time it takes to wrestle for the wishbone on the last 2 tb's
-a wishbone being the plastic rings on a sixer of tbs