Sunday, November 07, 2004

Help A Brotha Out

Two questions:

1. How do I get my blog contents and "author" pic to start in the upper corner of my blog? (right now its down on the bottom under all the text and it just kind of annoys the Hell out of me).

2. How do I link other blogs to "you should read these ones,too" list?


rebekah said...

well i can't help you with the picture thing:i dont know why it does that unless youve done something with the html. BUT i use to add links to the page. sign up there and input the links and it will turn out a neat little html thing you can paste wherever you like in your blog.

hope that helps.

Jason Maroney said...

you can do that in the code under the settings template
i can email you the code for the blogs links
but no clue on how to get the box up higher
i'll forward the question to a buddy of mine and he'll post to you
his name is joe and his blog is idrawonwalls he's weir...i mean interesting like you

Joe said...
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