Saturday, August 21, 2004

Defeat John Kerry in '04!

So, John Kerry has decided to "lodge a complaint" with the government over the fact that there are some guys out there who have paid for ad time that state that John Kerry is full of shit when it comes to his Vietnam "exploits." Oh, yeah, John, that's good. Do that. Just proves to me, again, why you shouldn't be the ruler of the free world. Instead of standing up for yourself and trying to prove them wrong, you ask run to "teacher" and say the big kids are picking on you. Aww, poor John. Here, want a hankie? Suddenly, I'm hearing people saying Vietnam service shouldn't be an issue. Why not? Johny Kerry is the one who based his whole campaign on the fact that he was in Vietnam.....for four months, but don't tell anyone that last part. In four months John Kerry got three purple hearts. THREE! I guess he kept forgetting to duck.

John Kerry tells us we need to fight a "sensitive war on terror." I tell you what John Kerry, why don't you go to each and every family that lost someone on 9/11 and tell them that, I'd like to be there for that. Ah, I love the word "sensitive." That's such a good twenty-five cent liberal word. It gives me such a warm fuzzy. John Kerry, there's nothing sensitive or comapssionate about the times we are in. They drew first blood, to borrow a quote from a popular 80's flick. They drew first blood.

And I'm supposed to feel better about your toothy puppet of a vee-pee candidate? I hear John Edwards talk and keep my hand on my wallet. I feel like I need a bath everytime I hear him speak. He's a trial lawyer, a highly paid, legal con-man.

What do you stand for John Kerry? I can't keep up. You move this way and that, as soon as some light is put on a position, you run to the dark again and make me work. You remind me of a political cockroach.

Sorry, John Kerry, I'm going to run, not walk, to the polls on November 2nd and I'm going to vote AGAINST you. I can't wait. I really can't.

Opposing viewpoints welcome. I will respond as I see fit.

Bush/Cheney '04


rebekah said...

that was so feral and heartfelt, i almost feel like registering to vote... good entry dude.

Ken said...

Kerry is the Man for the job. He was placed in harms way during Vietnam and lived to tell us all about it. He made statements about his distaste for the treatment of prisoners but was reading a script prepared by others detailing the cruelties. We have only been fed sound bites of what went down many years ago and you can be sure we will never get any more than that. There is no end to what one politician will do to another in the name of Victory. Bush has sunk to an all time low. We can be sure that this attack was arranged by the Campaign for Bush complete with his knowlege even though he said he would never question Kerry's war record. The republicans run a fine tuned, well oiled machine when it comes to political tactics. Don't be fooled.

Sarah said...

Wow, I guess I never really realized how completely far apart our politics are. Interesting.

I'm glad you so fiercely believe what you believe, loof, just as I fiercely believe what I believe. We all need to believe. And while I completely disagree with you, I would defend this to the death if need be.