Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Literary Slobberknocker

Okay, I'm tired of it. I'm totally serious, I'm sick and tired of it all. I want it to stop. Stop killing trees, stop using ink. Just make it stop. I'm tired of the the Literary Slobberknocker (and I use the term "literary" very loosely here) that is taking place in the current affairs section of the bookstore. We can't keep this book in stock:. Its amazing; the book comes, the book is sold out in less then eight hours. It is on fire. Or, if you want feel free to click here for books about (for and against) one George W. Bush. I believe its the Left's turn this week to release their books about how evil George W. Bush is, last week the Right had its turn. Next week the Right will be up to bat again. I have made it a point not to read any of them. I have read one book about George W. Bush this year and this is it: I liked it. I learned alot about the family Bush. I can understand where Dubyah is coming from.

I did read one book this year that I really enjoyed and learned a lot from. This book was just fantastic. I learned so much from it. Its sad to say that Alexaner Hamilton's enemies outlived him by 50 years. He has his mug on the ten dollar bill, but that's about it. We, as Americans, don't really know much about him-- much to our discredit. If you compare Hamilton's views of government and economy versus Thomas Jefferson's you'd see that Hamilton actually had it more correct. Basically, Hamilton set up our government. I'd recommend this book. Its really worth the read.
There are two books, though that I am really looking forward to: and this one, too . I've read everything by him, well except for one of his mysterires that came out earlier this year. I have it, its signed (I saw him in Louisville a few months back) but i haven't read it yet. I'm an unabashed Kinky Friedman fan. Matter of fact, now that I mention it, this: . Yeah, that's right, The Kinkstah is running for govenor of Texas, trust me on this one: I lived in Texas for six long years... The Kinkstah might be really good for Texas.

p.s. dig the bad html stuff, eh?


Sarah said...

rock on with your bad html stuff! i'm glad you're having fun with it.

rebekah said...

yes, yes, very flashy and cute. i'm all for color and whatnot...