Friday, September 12, 2008

The "Triangle"

My desk is located in the "Triangle." The Triangle is a room that is shaped like a triangle, hence the name. Its not shaped like a right triangle, one could probably say that it is in the shape of an Isosceles Triangle. It is a windowless office. There are four cubicles back to back. Jeff sits at the one on the other side of my little pincushion wall. Shalanda to my back. There is another behind Shalanda, but that one is used as a staging area for sorting journals and has various rechargers (that is also where I hook up my iPod recharger from time to time).

It can get very hot and "close" in the triangle. I am often chased out of the triangle not by coworkers, but by heat and stale air. When I have to be back in the triangle, I try get everything done as quickly as I can so that I can back out, to use a retail term, the "floor," or reference desk. I'd much rather be stationed there than back in the triangle.

I refuse to eat my lunch in the triangle as well. If the weather is nice, I go out, find a table, and eat my sandwich, read a book, people watch, and usually take a quick walk to the Campus Center and roam around the BN there.

The only thing I truly use the triangle for is a place to stow my stuff, my bag, my lunch, etc.

Its still a little strange to have my own desk, my own phone, and my own "space." I've gotten used to it, that took about two weeks, but sometimes I just scratch my head and say to myself "really?"

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