Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thoughts on Keywords

It is an interesting excercise to visit my internet tracker. I check it regularly, not to see how many people have bumped into my little slice of cyber-heaven, but see how they found it. I love looking at the keywords. SOmetimes they're funny, sometimes I scratch my head and wonder how those words found this blog. Its not really important what the words are, because I don't have any examples. I can tell you this, though, gastanks are very important. Most of the hits I have on my blog come from people who are searching something to do with gas or gastanks. These searches include everything from "pictures of empty gastank," to "what happens when there are rocks in gastank."

I also get strange things like "pedal pushing videos," which turns out to be a strange fetish. By definition, though, fetishes are strange, I think. Or at least "against the norm."

I guess I never really thought about that kind of thing when I set up this blog. I don't suppose its a bad thing, per se. Matter of fact, its pretty interesting.

That's about the best I can do for an entry today.

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