Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Cues the Talking Heads

I had one of those "oh, great" moments this evening while flipping around channels on the tv-- and I meant that in a totally factitious way. I stumbled upon CNN's Live with Larry King, and there was a panel of guys on telling America how the "young vote" might go. I hadn't heard of two of them before. The one I had heard of was Luke Russert. His tagline under his talking head was "independent voter." The other two chaps, were "Obama Supporter," and "McCain Supporter." I always find those topics to be interesting. The reason I found it to be so interesting is this: Luke Russert is now the voice of just-out-of-college America. Six weeks ago no one heard of him and suddenly he's an expert.

I'll give you this: he was articulate. He seemed to have basic facts down and could site sources and such. The other two, they just wanted the Bully Pulpit.

Luke also did a great laugh-out-loud intreptation of James Carvell. That was funny.

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Anonymous said...

Tivo'd it, watched over and over. The best impression of Carvell ever.