Sunday, January 20, 2008

this evening we went to see my dad. he was watching the football game. he seemed to be in good spirits and was fairly lucid. we were able to have a good conversation with him, he was still a bit confused about somethings, but he seems to be on the mend, i guess. i think now, he just needs intellectual stimulation. the more he talks and thinks the better he seems to be. the cathator was taken out today, so i'm sure he is much more comfortable. he was able to lift himself into a better position in his bed using handle that hung from a bar above his bed. i think tomorrow they start physical therapy and occupational therapy. he has to get his strenght on his right side back. i felt much better after i left this evening than i did last night. his color was very good and his eyes were focused (i'm sure it helped we had brought his glasses). he's still not a hundred percent sure where he is, but i think he's gotten it a bit better than before.

the doctor said that they had found a bloodclot in his heart and they think that part of it might have broken off and moved to his brain and that is what caused the "stroke." he is on blood thinner right now, cummadin, to help with the blood clot. he had some chest pains this morning, but those went away.

he is in good spirits.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

So glad to hear he is improving...