Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Trip

Tomorrow, my family and I leave for a week's vacation. We are going to Ohio and Maryland. Yes, I'm sure that neither Ohio or Maryland sound great vacation destinations, but we are a family that likes to do things that educate and edify. So, we are going to go to some of the presidential homes in Ohio and I am going to go to the football Hall of Fame in Canton. I'm looking forward to that. Its one of those places I've always wanted to go.

Then later on in the week we will be going to western Maryland. Western Maryland is what I consider to be my "home." William Carlos Williams once wrote in his long, book length poem Patterson "Roots? Everybody has roots." I am the son of a minister and, as a result, I moved a bit when I was a kid; but when I was in sixth grade we landed in Accident, MD. We lived there for nine years, so, as a result of that I consider Accident to me hometown. I am from Accident, MD.

I think it'll be good to get away. Have you ever just reached a point where you need to "disconnect?" To "make yourself scarce?" The last couple weeks I have started to get that feeling. I just need a vacation. So, my mom, dad, and I are going away.

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Happy trails and safe travels!