Friday, March 23, 2007

Rain Walk

Its not snowing or cold right now, but it is raining. I didn't have my afternoon class today so I decided a nice stroll around town would be in good order. First stop, was Victory Field where the Indianapolis Indians play. There the triple-a farm team for the Pittsburgh Pirates. I try to go to a couple games a summer. After that I preambulated to the center of town I didn't have any place in particular I wanted or needed to go, but I just felt like wandering a bit. It was a nice day, albeit somewhat on the humid and muggy side, but a nice day for walkabout regardless.

As I started walking back to campus the rains, they did begin to fall. It was a steady drizzle at first, but then the drizzle turned into not so much a shower or torrent, but just a heavier soaking drizzle. So, I hold up under a pedestrian overpass and watched as little rivelets of rain water made inroads on the sidewalk, truthfully it was quite interesting to watch, though, I'm not sure why.

I eventually mosied into a small Starbucks located in one of the big hotels here in town, sat a small round table, drank a grande coffee and re-read yesterday's paper. Funny thing is this: it wasn't any more interesting today than it was yesterday.

Long story short, I left the Starbucks and walked back to campus and got rather wet in the process. Yes, it is my fault Virginia, I didn't have an umbrella (I usually don't seeing how I find umbrellas to be somewhat silly). So the sweater I wore today, a heavy misshapen blue thing, is heavier and more misshapen now than before.

I am sitting in the reading room of the law library sitting by the big plate glass windows watching a sodden world.

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thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Sounds dreary yet lovely all at once.