Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shut-in Church

One of the nice things about living in Indiana is Shut-in Church. It is a television program that comes on Sunday mornings. It is broadcasat from Ft. Wayne and is a nice, simple Lutheran service. We found it quite by accident a few years ago. My father was recovering from an illness and he wasn't allowed to go the church per doctor's orders. So one Sunday morning he was flipping through the channels of the tv looking for something, anything to watch. He stumbled on Shut-in Church. He was quite excited about it.

Shut-in Church is basically for those who cant' go to church for whatever reason. Sometimes, if the weather is bad and we decided going to church is maybe a bit dangerous we "go" to Shut-in Church. It is nice, as a Lutheran, to find a Lutheran service. Sunday morning televsion tends to be full of shouting and screaming ministers who seem to be more worried prayer offerings and such.

It is, to be corny, a breath of fresh air.

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Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

It would be quite cool if it were broadcast online. I've benefited from the Issues Etc and even the LHM materials.