Monday, June 19, 2006


The other day after work I bought a two cd set of Bach organ music. The first two tracks are, of course, the requisite Toccata & Fugue in D minor. Even if you don't what it is you've all heard it, at least the opening strains of it: think horror movie, or Munsters. I think they used it often. I have to chuckle over the Toccata, though. Every single disk I looked at that dealt with Bach's organ music had at least some form of it recorded be it parts or the whole thing. The other thing about the whole Toccata thing is that Bach wrote them as a way to "test drive" organs. He put the organs through their paces to see what they could do. That is one reason why they are so dare i say it: "fancy."

What's even funnier is this: as I'm driving down the road, my windows are open and I have Bach going... I've gotten some interesting looks from people beside me at traffic lights.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

*chuckles* I'm not as into Bach as I am Beethoven (or even Beck, for that matter), but I do like the image of you cruising the mean streets of IN with classical blaring from the stereo system in your new car.

I've done that before myself, actually. Only it was Mozart, I think.

Des_Moines_Girl said...

"Aaaaahhh, Bach!"

Name the show and win a prize! (well - not really)

Sean said...

for a really good Bach 2 CD set, check this out:

it's played on an instrument in Germany that was recently restored to original condition. we know for sure that bach played this instrument and approved as a fine organ. the registrations are great, the music selection is wonderful, and the organist was an editor of the CPH bach orgelbuechlein edition, which is the best edition on the market right now, possibly ever. Robert Clark may be Lutheran too, but I"m not quite sure.

my favorite Bach organ CD I've gotten, and it's a double! :)

sam said...

I can get a hint for Des Moines Girl's question....

think Ottomwa (sp?), Iowa and a hospital.

Congrats on the CDs.... there are few things more fun than blaring loud organ music while driving through the city.