Tuesday, May 02, 2006


So, Concordia Publishing House has started the marketing campaign for the new Lutheran hymnal, but don't get it mixed up with THE Lutheran Hymnal, aka Ye Olde Standby. No, this one as been given the name of The Lutheran Service Bookm hows that for a title!

A few days ago we got a small booklet that highlighted the new Service Book. Looks like it will be a pretty thing. I'm wondering how many congregations will purchase it. I'm particularly curious as to how many congregations actually really still use pew editions of any hymnal (be it TLH or LW). My church has the whole service contained in the bulletin.

This brings up an interesting thought, too. On 26 April 2006 Aardie wrote
"It's Mine! Leave It Alone! He was writing about a little known day called Intellectual Property Day. Since I am studying Library Science I do have an interest in this topic, too. Towards that back of the booklet detailing the Service Book is a whole page dealing with "liscences." It appeas that CPH has got a computer program that allows pastors to point and click portions of the service to put into their bulletins. You have to buy a liscense for that. It all depends on the size of the congregation. The smaller the congregation, the less the cost.

As I was reading through the booklet I found myself becoming slightly irked. I can't put my finger on it, though. I don't know why I was getting upset. I think maybe it was the slickness of the thing. Maybe its the cost. I think what really got my goat was the last page. The "fundraising" page. I quote:
While the purchase of a new hymnal represents significant expense, it is important to remember that this is long-term investment that will serve the people of God for decades to come. Covering the costs of new humnasl can be accomplished in several ways. Some congregations, for example, will include the costs in their annual budget. In other cases, experience shows that people are often very willing to give humnals in memory or in honor of loved ones. In many cases, careful preparation and a little creative thinking will go a long way toward acquiring and introduction this new worship resource.

I'm not really sure why that paragraph bothers me, but there is, I dunno, a certain amount of "salesmanship" there that I don't appreciate.

I'd be curious to read what all of you think.

Blessings to all


Anonymous said...

I'm making the suggestion at my church that if we do buy it, (and I think we will), that we limit paper bullitins to songs selections for that Sunday and for weekly announcements. This would save money on the cost of paper, ink, and printer wear which would help offset the cost of the hymnal.

Genuine Lustre said...

Our church uses both TLH and LW straight out of the hymnal, and that's the way I like it.

Anonymous said...

Yay. I'm not the only LCMS MLIS (or at least student). You have no idea how happy that makes me.

We have both TLH and LW in the pews but only use TLH (or not as many in this small church have it memorized).

Best wishes on your studies.