Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Got This in the Mail Today

A few months back I saw an advertisement on a bilboard that said something about "get a free Koran" and provided a web address,either that, or I was lead the web address through David's blog-- I really don't remember; but being the curious sort that I am and any time I see the word "free" attached to a book of any kind I get all geeked out, I went to the website, filled in the information requested (name and address) and figured no harm done. I promptly forgot about it until today.

When I got home from work there was a large box wating for me on the kitchen table. The return address said the box was from an organization called CAIR, or Council on American-Islamic Relations. I opened the box. Inside was a magnificent copy of the Koran (Quran). The picture of it is on the left, and here is a description of it. Its a pretty heavy book. It weighs a ton. Has beautiful pages and great Arabic calligraphy reporductions.

The presentation is much like you'd find in a self-study bible, or maybe a parallel Bible. The original script is one corner, a transliteration is another and on ther left side of the page is the English "translation." Enclosed was a short type written page giving me some directions as to the care and keeping of my new Quran. These include reading it with clean hands, not reading near a toilet, or near a wet area, and don't put it on the floor. Bibles should come with such directions.

I think what I find so amazing is that beauty of the book. On BN.com it goes for 55 bucks. I got it for free! I'll read it, maybe not all of it, but I'll read some of it. And it will go on my bookshelf. I think it is important to have something like this.

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Kletos Sumboulos said...

I have a translation that I bought a few years ago. It's trade paperback with thick pages. I don't keep it at my office because my clients examine my shelves and make assumptions about my "spirituality." I bought it to study and I have written thoughts in it about parallels or contrasts with the Christian scriptures. I don't think that follows the guidelines for the proper care and feeding the Qu'ran. However, since it is an english translation, it's not REALLY the Qu'ran anyway.

My roommate and I in college sent away for every free book that the internet had to offer. Look up Eckancar sometime. They have gone PDF, but back in the day you could get an armfull.