Sunday, April 16, 2006

the Jesus Noggin

I call this my "Jesus Noggin" necklace. I wear it everyday. It once belong to my father, he got it as a gift from his brother for either Christmas or a birthday, I don't remember which. It is probably close to 50 years old. My dad wore this all the time when I was a kid. Any picture you see of him you can see the little Jesus head shine from his chest. But one night a cat we had chewed through the necklace that the little head was on. The necklace broke and the pendant fell into my dad's lap. He put it in a jewlery box and there it stayed for a long time.

When I went to seminary I asked my dad if I could have it. We went out and bought a new chain, got it all shined up and I started wearing it. I don't usually wear it outside of my shirt. It tends to get in the way with my nametag at work, but the slight weight it gives me on my chest is reassuring. Sometimes, though, I look at it and I think "Hmm, that's only part of the story, there's more to it than just a crown of thorns." (I feel the same way when I see a crucifix. But somewhere in the back of mind a little voice says that remembering that part of the story is just as important as remembering the end of the story (or is it the beginning?)

This little necklace means a lot to me. I almost lost it once. The pendant had fallen off, but luckily I felt it slide down my chest. It is actually quite heavy and I can't wear it at night when I sleep, the edges kind of sharp and cause a bit of pain if I roll over on it.

So, I wear it. Daily to remind me of my faith, but it also reminds me of the faith my parents have and I thank God that the faith my parents have was given to me.

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