Thursday, February 10, 2005

Quotes from the Front Page of My Online Diary

"... This has all the hallmarks of postmodern thought. It is pompous, verbose, and incoherent."

-- Dinesh D'Souza
Letters to a Young Conservative
"...I always suspected that democracy would come to this... A firm rule must be imposed upon our nation before it destroys itself. The United States needs some theology and geometry, some taste and decency. I suspect that we are teetering on the edge of the abyss."

-- Ignatius J. Reilly
Confederacy of Dunces
John Kennedy Toole

Teaching literature, art... whatever name we're going to have-- after we give up literature-- teaching books is a strange occupation because its teaching pleasure...

-- Leslie Fiedler (Literary Critic)

You can't possibly enjoy being so ignorant. It's not bliss. Bliss is putting a lit match to every fart of Art Dogma this gassy century has seen fit to squeak out. And learning how. Divine

--The Cheesemonkeys
Chip Kidd

lady will you come with me into
the extremely little house of
my mind.

--E.E. Cummings

Say it! No ideas but in things.
--William Carlos Williams

"... I don't find life gloomy!" She cries "To me, books and people and things are endlessly fascinating. Don't you think so?"

-- Walker Percy

"Have you noticed that the narrower the view the more you see?... It bothers you a bit, too, doesn't it? You are shy with me. But you like my window and my little view, I can see."

-- Walker Percy

"... it's a great adventure you've embarked on. Books are a wonderful avocation, wonderful. You know, some people think it is all right to go out and play golf every morning, and I don't want to criticize, but there is no substitute for great books..."

-- taken from Used and Rare
by Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone

I am concentration itself: I exist in a universe
where there is nothing but sex, death, and typewriting.

-- Billy Collins

"I already think you are crazy.... (b)ut if as you say, the world's a mental hospital, you might just be the perfect ringmaster for this little traveling circus."

-- Kinky Friedman
Steppin' On A Rainbow

"... you must begin a reading program immediately so that you may understand the crises of our age," Ignatius said solemnly "Begin with the late Romans, including Boethius, of course. Then you should dip rather extensively into early Medieval. You may skip the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. That mostly is dangerous propaganda. Now that I think about it, you had better skip the Romantics and the Victorians, too. For the contemporary period, you should study some selected comic books.... I recommend Batman expecially, for he tends to transcend the abysmal society in which he's found himself. His morality is rather rigid, also. I rather respect Batman."

-- Ignatius Reilly
Confederacy of Dunces
John Kennedy Toole

I'm quite illiterate, but I read a lot.

-- Holden Caufield
Catcher in the Rye
J.D. Salinger


rebekah said...

i like them every time i read them.

yay ee cummings ...

Jason Maroney said...

Ignatius is my hero. I'm looking around to find one of those hunter caps with the flaps on the side. Then I will start a revolt at work.
I've been using his filing system for years, although that has been changing lately.