Monday, February 14, 2005

Camp Weird Dreams and Other Stuff

I've been sitting here for the last Idon'tknowhowlong going through Netflix picking movies to put on my queue. I'm not sure why I keep putting movies on my queue, I have over 140 in there waiting to be watched. I never really liked going to video store. I could walk around for hours on end and not find anything I really wanted. Bah! So, be it.

I had weird dreams last night. I started looking at air fares for a weekend trip to Texas this summer. I've been thinking about going down to the bbq that the camp I used to work puts on every year. As I get further from the camp experience I realize how much it really affected me. I find myself mining a nugget of truth or understanding almost weekly, sometimes daily, that I learned when I was there and am able to put to use now. When I have a problem or a task I need to work I often look at it as a challenge course element and when I make a mistake I can hear the words "rule broken" echo through my head.

I had weird dreams last night that dealt with camp. One that I remember was seeing all the cabins, but they were being forced out by a large subdivision. There were others, I'm sure, but that's the one I remember.


Anonymous said...

Ah, camp memories. I went to camp every summer for two or three years.

paige said...

Boy oh boy do I know exactly what you mean.
It used to frustrate me when Brandon stood there and looked at me with his cool sunglasses on and repeat the words, "Rule Broken" over and over again.
But I've learned that I can learn from it.
Accept it, love it, use it.
It's camp, and camp in itself could heal the world.

I think you should come to BBQ. I'll be there.

Jim said...

I am glad camp goes with you and you look back at it positively. Hopefully camp is a code Word for Jesus...If it isn't then we didn't do our jobs. Paige remember it Jesus that has healed the world. I hope what echo's behind the words "rule broken" is "I forgive you."

paige said...

And those words are probably most wonderful of all.

With every rule broken, there comes those nails and wood to fix it.