Wednesday, January 05, 2005

some recent acquisitions

I bought this book last week from the bargain shelf. Its quite British in its style and writing, but the book does have some very good ideas and guidelines. I already know some of what is in the book, but I believe it is a good addition to my (suddenly growing) library.

I bought this one at Half-Price Books earlier in the week. This one is an autobiography. It is about one man's evolution, if you will from radical left(ist) politics to a more conservative way of looking at the world. I haven't read it yet, but I bought it on the recommendation of a co-worker.

I bought this one today, also at the recommendation of the co-worker who recommended the title before. This one is just a collection of essays written by people who lean to the right. I dipped into this one a bit. I think it will be an interesting read.

This one I bought last week in Half-Price Books as well. I read this two years ago and I decided I needed it in my library, but I didn't want to spend the 22 bucks it cost. I jumped at the change to get it for nine bucks. This one is a book of letters to some guy named Chris. Its a monologue, really. The book contains "letters" that D'Souza wrote in response to questions that Christ asked him. Its a bit heavy handed sometimes, but for someone who is interested in the politics of the Right this is as good a primer as any.

I bought this one twice. The first time I bought it after I read it (I have borrowing privledges at work... I can borrow hardcover books and return them in two weeks), but after telling my parents about it they thought my uncle (in Maryland) might like it. So, I sent him the copy I had bought before Christmas. I bought it again. Its now on my bookshelf. I'll read it again, sometime.

I got this one from my good buddy Penny in Texas. She knows how much I miss Austin (believe it or not, I really do miss the place) and seeing how Slacker takes place in the great city o' Austin... besides I gave her a really big hint that I wanted it (*wink* loves to da Pennster!) Any way, I have watched the thing I don't know how many times...) Go to for more info on this one.

This one:
I'm planning on buying in the very near future. I am fascinated by graffiti and the early history of Hip Hop. I can do without the over produced, overresampled "art" that is called hip hop today. I'll probably get it next weekend or so.

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Seems like a good spread. --David