Saturday, January 22, 2005

chillin thoughts relaxing

sitting here listening to blues and sipping a shot of jim beam. its not dark, but its not real light either. i have a small, green shaded "bank lamp" and another somewhat nondescript lamp with an accordian like lampshade turned on. they sit on my desk. its been snowing most of the day off and on. there is snow on the ground already. its dark outside. i have a poem i wrote sitting in front of me. i need to type it out and get it just right on the page. i'll probably post it here, eventually, maybe. my bottle of jim beam is three fourths full. it cost me 12.99 for a fifth. i'll have it for a while. i don't drink to get drunk any more, at least i don't plan to. i used to do that years ago. it took me awhile, but i learned the difference between having a good time and getting stupid. you wake up enough times with a fat head and thick tongue and a vague memory of things last night enough times you'll learn. i haven't had much to write about here. i haven't had a whole lot to write here, either. i've been writing there much longer then i have here so if i do write i tend to go there first. no one reads this blog any way. i'm not changing the world or policy through this blog. i'm not bitter about that, just a fact.


Anonymous said...

A few people read you here.
It's quality, not quantity.
I'm very pleased to hear that you're a Beam man too.
I had a little talk with Jim last night.

rebekah said...

jim has gotten me through some tough times.

and lots of people read your blog.