Thursday, June 05, 2003

Music that makes me think; that's what I like. Pink Floyd makes me think, everytime I listen to Pink Floyd it takes me all day to wrap my brain around the images and thoughts I had while listening to it.

The last few years, though, I have migrated to another musical form, or forms. I have started listening to big band, blues, and jazz music. This music hits me somewhere else. I don't have to think about it, but that doesn't make it bad. I like jazz in particular because its so free flowing. I can let my mind wander over the musical score and I am often surprised at the things I think about. More often then not I get an idea for a poem or a short essay. For example, right now I have the radio on, the gentle sound of a trumpet floats over a slow moving piano groove and a brush beat on a drum. I allow myself to tag along mentally. I find words along the way and place them here in this blog.

I know it seems and probably sounds funny, but that's the way I write. I have to have music in the background, and the type of music I'm playing more often then not is reflected in the words I use; the more intellectual stimulating the music, the academic, is the the right word, the writing becomes.

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