Thursday, June 05, 2003

I am actually quite proud of myself. You see, I was reintroduced to this site last night. I had first stopped by a year or so ago, set up this blog and promptly forgot about it. At the time, I was heavily into using an online jounaling site (, but at the time it was having some fits and starts; in short it wasn't working very well. So, I started, half-heartedly, to look for another home. I had heard of blogs, but I didn't have any idea as to what they were or could do. I'm still not a hundred percent sure exactly they can do, but I'll learn.

I wrote a couple entries here last night and this morning, but i couldn't get them to post on the website I had just templated, so I monkeyed around with it a bit. After clicking on different buttons and changing the template I had chosen I clicked the right button and suddenly I'm blogging good and proper. And here I am; taking another small step into the world of cyber. I'll admit, freely, that I am still very much of a neophyte when it comes to things computer. I'm not very comfortable when it comes to new things with computers. I'm scared I'll mess something up and end up breaking, or frying my computer.

Now I guess I'll be spreading my time between here and my other online journal ( I can't believe it, but I may actually have that much to say. I can't promise it will always be highbrow or very literary, but I'm sure it won't be boring.

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