Friday, July 10, 2009

In Which Your Faithful Narrator Almost Admits Defeat, Sort Of

I almost have myself convinced that I "need" an iPhone. It's not something I actually "need" at all, it is quickly becoming a "want," though. Or maybe it has been a "want" all along and suddenly my subconscious has convinced my conscious that I really do "need" it. Who knows? The next question then becomes "can I afford it?" Yes and no. I have the money to buy the phone and the money to get it activated. I have a landline that I never use, the only reason I have the landline is for my internet (I have AT&T highspeed and I have to have a landline for that). That costs a little over 50 bucks a month: about 30 bucks for the internet service and 20 for the phone). I like having a phone line in my room. I don't use it very often, hardly ever, actually, but for some reason I'm loathe to give it up.

I went to an AT&T store yesterday to look at the iPhones. I was impressed. Too much fun. Really. I stopped at a TMobile store recently and looked into the BlackBerry, but I wasn't all the impressed by the salesguy. I've been with Tmobile since it was "VoiceStream," so that's been a while.

The reason I'm looking into these various phones is I starting to become more "connected." I do more and more things online from banking to twittering and blogging and facebooking. Maybe I don't need to be connected so much and I have tried to fight it and since I'm writing about this it is safe to assume that it has been a losing battle.

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Gretchen said...

We have our DSL connection through AT&T and we don't have a landline with them. Our Internet costs $34 a month. Maybe you can look into this to help afford the iPhone, if you decide to get it?