Friday, April 17, 2009

Head Spins

The big news today, it seems, is the Ashton Kutcher, the actor (term loosely used) has reached a pinnacle that, to this point, has been unheard of: a million plus Twitter followers. I, too, use twitter I have a grand total, of, drumroll please, nine followers, I think. Well, I must clarify, I don't use twitter use twitter, if you get my meaning. I do play around with it and send pithy (okay not so pithy) tweets from time to time. I'm still not really sure what twitter is for. Though, I have actually started using Twitter to help in my job search. I have started following libgig which hosts job posting for libraries.

I find myself a bit overwhelmed, truthfully, when it comes to all the new things that are popping up almost daily online and in technology itself. Just seven years ago I thought I was on the cusp of it all when I started my "online diary," who know that would turn into "blogging" and then from there, well, here we are, I guess. When my father was alive one of my favorite things to do was to go to BestBuy or another electronic store and walk around with him. Sometimes I'd walk a little bit behind him and listen to him as he looked at the new "fangled" things. He would often turn to me ask me what such and such was for or what it did. If I was lucky I had an answer, sometimes I was just as baffled as he was and now, I find myself getting even more baffled by things like twitter and even tweetdeck , which seems to be a great "clearinghouse" for all things twitter and facebook related.

Yes, my head spins, too. I can't even write to it effectively.

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