Monday, August 28, 2006

vishnu-ginsberg & krishna-miles

“howl” still rings in my ears
after a late night drive home
through darkened streets & green
traffic lights

vishnu-ginsberg howls from my
car speakers; i howl with him
gripping the steering wheel
feeling my eyes bug & my knuckles

i feel like shaking my fist at a passerby
thrust it at them & demand a duel
ginsberg this is your fault, you bastard!
peaceful, my ass!

i have the need for whiskey & miles

i have miles, but my whiskey is long gone
consumed long ago my hangover

(half of the poet’s dream:

sleep is not possible
his words (reason unknown)
do this to me i am high
on wordcoke powered
by a zeal

& miles plays on-- fueling my

my hands tremble with


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Wait a minute. Is this yours? I mean -- this sounds familiar, and yet it strikes me as something new.

Either way, this is powerful stuff. I really dug this.

loofrin said...

yeah, its mine. i wrote it this past spring, i think.