Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Indiana Weather

There is something about a thunderstorm that swoops down on you. Those dark clouds, loud crashes of thunder, bright flashses of lightening and the sheet of rain that comes with it. Then, there is the small pebble sized hail that bounces off the windows and the skylights in the kitchen. Its then that the whole "man, I'm but a little cog in this great unkown" kind of starts to kick in. Of course its really a lot of fun when the special "weather radio" we got from H.H. Gregg starts to sqwak and then the computer generated voice tells us that "the world will end in ten minutes" and then "hurry up, please... its time" and then the world descends upon you with thunder, lightening, rain, and hail. Yes, that's just a lot of fun... have I mentioned how much I enjoy Indiana weather? Tis a blast.

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Des_Moines_Girl said...

I love thunderstorms! Hubby doesn't like them so much - traumatized by a tornado as a child.