Thursday, March 23, 2006

Knock, Knock... Hello?

Its been a long time since I've written here. I haven't even done a very good job of reading other blogs. I've started spending too much time on myspace, my to my detriment. I've discovered some great groups over thre take much of time as I read various postings. I have also been busy with the beginning processes of training new booksellers for the new store that will be opening in the next few weeks (I am quite excited about that, too). And then there is school. That has started to take up time, again. I hadn't done much about school the last week or so (Spring Break kind of does that). I had all the best intentions of working on school work over the break, but of course I didn't do a blessed thing. So now, I should be working on a short "journal article review" for my Reference in the Humanities Class and yet I find myself here writing in my Blog and listening to John Coltrane on my cd player.

I haven't read much of Romans the last week, either, I haven't done much about self-edification of my faith, either. It has kind of been put on the back burner with all the other things going on; though, I have gotten a little more then three fourths through Genesis (nightly reading, a chapter or to a night before bed). So, that has been good and interesting.

Though, I must laugh a bit. It seems the Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord has run afoul of some of the folks in the Blogosphere. Funny, how just a few short months ago we were all singing its praises. I haven't any opinion on the matter, either way, maybe I should, but I don't. I'm not smart enough and I don't read it that closely (again, probably my detriment).

I've just been floating around in the great faith sea in my little rubber raft enjoying the subtle ripples. Haven't had too many waves lately, for that I am much thankful.

Blessings to all.


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RandomDan said...

I don't know what part of the blogsphere you are reading with respect to the "Concordia" issue, but the parts I am reading has resulted in lots of "Deathstar" posts and blaming Benke and SP K for the whole mess. This is a giant political game being played in the synod's publishing house.