Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hmm, Its Sunday, Its 105 Degrees... Must Be... Indiana?

Its so hot today. Not even funny how it is. This is Texas hot. I mean its brutal hot out there. I walk out of the house and I'm instantly wet with sweat. I sweat in places I never even knew I had. Its that bad. The heat index for today is something like a 105 degrees. I can distinctly remember a day when I was working at camp (I believe it was the summer of '99-- that's the year we had those cool denim Sunday shirts) it being (according some of the folks that were dropping their kids off) 109 degrees in the heat index category. I had fun telling people that "camp was canceled this week cuz its too hot." For some reason, no one believed me.


Sarah said...

the heat index yesterday got up to 115F. and that was officially the hottest day in the midwest in 10 years. i'm not making this up.

jillymae said...

yeah, i walked outside the same day. i felt the heat, heard the katydids and treefrogs complaining, and thought, "Didn't I move up here to get away from South Alabama heat and humidity? It wasn't supposed to follow me up here!"

it was MUCH cooler this afternoon. the rain was a welcome friend.

rebekah said...

get naked.

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