Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This Was Sparked by Something Else I Read on Another Blog

It was heady times at con-you wasn't it? I remember we tended to bemoan the fact that it wasn't like it was "back in the day," no one did any pranks or anything like that. But somehow we seemed to have a hell of good time. I never going to forget being awakened at "earlish" on a saturday morning by the sound of golf ball careening of my door as the Behnken mini-golf tournament got underway. Walkin down to Big T and Big Sean's room and chillin while listening to Big T philosphosize about whatever was on his mind. In a strange way what Big T said actually made some strange kind of sense. He would ramble and we would just kind of follow along, nodding our heads, and drink our beer. And Sean would, like a good Aristotle to T's Socrates, add his two cents worth everynow and again. I remember it iced once so bad that Austin shut down and I looked out the window and noticed that everything was closed, except for the porn shop across the street. That parking lot was full all the time regardless of the weather. It all kind of changed when some of us went over to the Inn, but we were Behnken boys and we took our brand of Con-you alligiance and goofiness with us. My little possse and I painted the rock. That was good fun. The night before field day. It looked like a big purple dinosaur egg with yellow bird poop splotches on it. Last time I was at con-you they had repainted it with a pretty color purple. That was too bad. I remember taking long walks through Austin, getting lost a few times, but finding my way back. I spent a lot of time down on the "drag." I went there because no one knew me and sometimes Con-you just got too small and cramped. I needed to get away, so I did. I spent countless hours in Tower Records, and whata thrill beyond all imagination when the Barnes and Noble opened across from UT. Going to chapel and looking up at the Jesus Teaching statue and thinking how much fun it would be to put Marde Gras beads in his hands. I almost did it once, but I figured that would be more trouble then it was worth. Besides there was some feeling about sacralige that I couldn't shake. Dana practially taking me by the ear and almost forcing me to interview with Jim for a camp job in '96. I'm still not sure why he made me do that, but I'll be grateful forever. Choir tour through Colorado and New Mexico, good fun, that. I saw parts of the country I'd never seen before and I realized then that I could stay in and travel in America for the rest of my life and still not see it all. I remember the biggest disappointment was Dodge City. What a crock of let down. Man I was ticked. Nothing there, period. Going to the Dobey Theatre and gettin in for free-- I had a hookup. I saw some strange ass movies there, but it was a great way to chill out. Goin with Bart to the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue and drinking a beer in his honor. Stumbling back from sixth street more times then I probably should have. Having Antone as a roommate... something I shan't forget I think for a very long time. I've got to quit this... I'm getting a headache... too much starin at the computer screen.


Anonymous said...

I lost the big tourney bt 2 stokes...uhg...And God told me to talk to you about camp. Where old Condorkia stands now may not be for long, but we will have the memories forever!

Thanx for being my friend and for sharing some of those experiences with me.

Jason Maroney said...

I think my favorite Big T philosophy/scheme was starting up a Concordia mafia. i liked it because i got to be the crazy irish guy who liked to hurt people and pop zersen's tires. my second favorite scheme was when he created his own religion, propping himself and sean up as godheads and kris morris was an anti-tim. I was the guy who punished anti-tim by kicking him in the nads for eternity. i think i may have had anger issues back then.

loofrin said...

tim's "mancouch" was the thing for me. it used to kill me everytime he started going to "tim world" and talking about the "mancouch."