Monday, December 15, 2008

A Post of No Note

I get to work sixty hours this week.  If you count this past saturday and tack it on to this week, it'll be sixty-eight.  I worked last night for an eight hour shift and I can tell, that I've grown soft.  I lost my retail legs.  I've been limping around today, favoring my left leg a bit.  The retail legs will come back soon enough.  

I'm sitting in the library, at the reference desk.  Its the tailend of the semester, the last day of finals, so I feel just a tad superfulious.  The usual steady traffic has dwindled to a slow trickle, if that.  Even the coffee kiosks are closed.  

Is it possible that Christmas is less than two weeks away?  Wow.  This year really has flown by.  

I'm sipping on a cup of coffee that was just brewed by one of the librarians.  It has helped, perk me up, pun not intended.  And, I just spilled some on my shirt, way to go DWC, way to go.  If it wasn't so warm in the library, I'd go get my sweater and put it on.

Not much is happening in my little slice of heaven I call Indiana.  Its cold, but that's expected.  I am doing the ubiquitous "talking to a girl" and am in the process of tweaking the resume for submission.  Just your basic life.

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