Monday, February 14, 2005

Taking it Down a Notch

I woke up this morning, grudgingly. I could hear rain outside my window and I just wasn't down with rain today. I had somethings to do that required walking around and I didn't want to get all wet. It was cold, too. A cold nasty rain. Bluch. I got up, put I got up with protest. But it was my day off, so that made it that much better. Any day not at work is a good day, right? Not always, but sometimes.

I went to downtown Indianapolis today. I'm starting grad school this summer. I had some questions that I needed to get answered, but I also went to just feel the school. When I was looking for a college to attend after highschool I went many different schools. I didn't realize it then, but I do now. I went to get a feel for the school. When it comes to a college each one says the can do this or that for you, but in the end its the "feeling" you get the makes you decide to apply or not. Well, I applied and was accepted to grad school, but I never really spent much time on campus. So I did that today. I went and sat in the library for a while and then went to the student union and ate lunch there and then went back to the library and sat down, again. Listening to it all. Getting a feel for it. And it felt good. It felt very good to be there. Some of the fear and uneasiness left a bit.

I left the campus and headed home. I stopped off at best buy and poked around for a good long time. I went in with no agenda, meaning I didn't have anything I really wanted to buy. That's can be dangerous for me sometimes. I ended up with two dvds and a cd. And they are:

and last, but not least:

I've always been a U2 fan. Though, I think that they never quite reached the same level in their albums that they did in Joshua Tree, though their song "Wanderer" with Johnny Cash is one of my favorite songs.

The Wall is just a great movie. I have it on video, but I've wanted it on DVD for a while. Today seemed like a good day to do it. The other film, Short Cuts, I know nothing about. Really. Nothing. It just sounded cool and it has a great cast in it. Its a Criterion Collection DVD and I just love Criterion disks. This one is even a bit cooler because it has a paper back of short stories by Raymond Carver that came with it. I certainly thing it was worth the money.


Anonymous said...

Word on checking out the school. We're hoping to visit Clemson in the spring. Good luck this summer!

rebekah said...

the library is always the first place i go in any new area.

i would rather like to purchase something that came with free paperbacks ...

sounds like a good time.