Monday, February 28, 2005

Good Lord in Heaven...

I opened my email today and I saw this:
Campus Move Proposed

Concordia University at Austin’s consideration of a move to a Round Rock location was featured on the cover page of the Thursday, February 24th Austin American-Statesman.

The Board of Regents were in session all day Friday and discussed the proposal of the move.

President Tom Cedel noted in the article, “There are certainly a lot of questions now, but we’re treating it as a very real possibility.” The proposal is to move the university to a much larger tract in northeast Round Rock, as well as to consider the expanding of the current campus.

Too bad I live so far away from Texas. I'd love to be at that meeting. I assume that UT is offering to buy the campus... again (?)



Sherrah said...

Yep, it's a pretty serious possibility. I still don't know a whole lot but I will definitely be going to the meeting tomorrow. I do know that UT has said they don't want it, can't afford it. St. David's next door wants it. Also being considered are some campus expansions that would include getting rid of a couple buildings, adding another dorm and classroom building, and underground parking, but that will cost gargantuan amounts of money. So...if you know of anyone with loads of cash who wants to donate it to a good cause, I know who they should talk to about setting up an endowment. :-)

Brandon said...

The move needs to happen. Concordia Mequon did it several years ago, though they were able to move into an already functioning facility. I know it sucks seeing history go down the drain, but unless we start building CUA-skyward, there's just no more room. And it wouldn't feel right to have two campuses.

My dad is the facilities/operations director for Round Rock ISD, so as part of his job he's in the business of buying land to build schools in RR. After the Statesman article ran, he was getting calls that morning from CUA board members asking him about it. He didn't know anything about the aquisition, but had some insight into buying in the RR area.

One side of me really doesn't want my old rooms in Benkhen/Killian/Harms to be ousted, but another side of me wants my alma matter to get as big and prestigious as possible. (Hopefully my diploma will only increase in value.)

Jason Maroney said...

I lost a part of myself when they tore down the old American No-Tell Motel Inn. I may sink into depression if Behnken goes under.
to heck with killian and harms.