Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Dead Homey Shot

Whenever I get a bottle of Jim Beam (which isn't very often, by the way) I always reserve the first shot as a memorial. I call it the "Dead Homey Shot." Luckily, I don't have many friends that have gone on to the other side.

The DHS started as kind of silly joke between me and a former roommate in college. We would pop open a bottle and take a couple shots. One day, probably after watching a movie like Boyz 'n the 'Hood or Do the Right Thing one of us said "this is for the dead homeys" and took a shot. It became a tradition. It became almost a ritual.

Sadly, though, I do have two homeys that I toast. The first is Adam. He died about five years ago. He and I became very close in the summer of '99. I'll write more about him sometime in the future. I also toast, now, to Amy. She died in a car accident last December. I didn't find out about it until just a few weeks ago. So she is part of the Dead Homey Shot.

Is it morbid? Does it sully the memory? I don't think so. Its my way of remembering them and the good times I shared with them.

So, this one is is for the dead homeys.

Rest in Peace.

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Jim said...

I would be interested in reading more about Adam. I want would like learn what your perspective is.